Mindfulness Day 7

A week passed since I start the Mindfulness Meditation.

Obvious changes were recognized as follows:

  • ・I could sleep until 6 AM while I had woke up around 4 AM before.
  • ・My chronic headache was alleviated
  • ・The time when I do not feel like doing anything due to fatigue was less than before.

I hope to feel sensations of calmness and relaxation that are felt yet.

My progress of the Mindfulness meditation is as follows.
The definitions of each category are here.

Mindfulness Day1

I did the Mindfulness Meditation for the first time in 3years or so.

I will keep doing it for 15 minutes at a time before and after sleeping.

Mindfulness meditation is very difficult for me as I expected
I could not sit calmly for 5 minutes and I was distracted…

However, I could feel a difference of my mental state and condition between before and after meditating.

It was not last for 3 minutes, my mental state and condition went back.
I hope the state after meditating will last for long time.

I will evaluate my mental state and condition as follows.
Click here when you want to know the definitions of each item.

Change of my mental state and condition.

Verification method for effectiveness of mindfulness

Effectiveness of mindfulness will be evaluated on a scale of 10 for the following 6 items.



  • Motivation
  • Distraction
  • Calmness



  • Tension
  • Brain fatigue
  • Concentration


My condition before starting mindfulness is as follows:

MotivationI finally start up this site, but
it took about 2 weeks to start…^^;
DistractionMy mind has always wandered, my memories and anxieties have flooding over.2
CalmnessFull sympathetic nerve,
No parasympathetic nerve.
TensionStomach tension is especially severe,
my breath is shallow.
Brain fatigueSevere headache.
ConcentrationI cannot think about difficult problem…1

I am going to go over the effectiveness of mindfulness 1 year.